Blast rips apart Chadoora family’s dreams  

With another death on Thursday when a grenade was lobbed near Jehangir Chowk, Srinagar in the evening, family of Maqsood Ahmad Shah stands devastated. The dreams of his aged father, young wife and tender kids stand shattered as they lost the sole bread earner of the family.

Maqsood was grievously injured when unknown persons lobbed a grenade on a CRPF vehicle stationed near the flyover. Shah, a carpenter by profession was waiting for a vehicle to ferry him home suffered grievous injuries and he was referred to SMHS Hospital, where doctors declared him brought dead.

Resident of Zalowa, Gopalpora, Maqsood was returning home after a day’s toil and hard work while working at a construction site in Shalimar.

Recalling the horror of the moment at Jehangir chowk, Javiad Ahmad, who is the cousin of Maqsood-and was accompanying him said that they were returning home after the tiring day and were waiting to board a sumo vehicle to home.

“We were waiting for a sumo, when I crossed over to another side to buy Banana’s for my kids. After I was done, I heard a loud bang behind me and everybody ran for the safety, so did I,” Javaid said.

After running for a safer place, Javaid came to know that a grenade has been lobbed, but least did he know that his cousin was killed during the explosion.

“While I was on the other side, after the bang, I also ran for cover and managed to reach Rajbagh after I boarded a sumo, expecting that he (Maqsood) would also have managed to reach to a safer place, but I was wrong,” he said.

While Javaid was on his way to home, he tried calling Maqsood to know his whereabouts, but the call was received by his wife.

“I called him, but his wife picked up and she said that Maqsood is carrying another cell phone. She said that you can call him on that number,” recalls Javaid.

After Javaid called Maqsood his phone was switched off.

“This added to the already panicky situation all around. After Javaid reached home, Maqsood’s family had already got the news that Maqsood was no more,” he said.

With the shocking news reaching home, the unending mourning and wailing begun at Maqsood’s residence.

Maqsood is survived by an aged father who seems to have yet to come to terms with the grave loss. A young wife, who was seen wailing and beating her chest, and two kids: Faizan Maqsood (09), Aneesa Maqsood (06), who are unaware of the tragic incident that has robbed them of their beloved father.

The death of Maqsood has shattered the dream of his kids to continue with their studies, as according the relatives, it is going to be difficult for their grandfather, Ali Muhammad Shah to bear the expenses, as he was himself dependent on his son.

“He (Maqsood) used to say ‘due to hardships I couldn’t study and turned out to be an illiterate. I won’t let that happen to my kids.’ He was determinant to provide quality education to his kids, but that perhaps, has been reduced only to a dream,” said Javiad.

Maqsood’s father, Ali Muhammad Shah is in a deep shock, and is yet to accept the reality that his son is no more. He is pondering over what has just happened that has rendered him paralyzed forever.

“I have been robbed of my lone son, who was my only hope of survival, what was his fault that he was killed?” he asked, “who will take care of us, who will take care of his kids, and his young wife. We have been devastated for no fault of ours” he added, while he burst into tears.

Maqsood was earning a meager sum per month and was fulfilling the needs of his family, apart from spending on the education of his two kids, but with the tragedy that has stuck the family, the disturbing question remains that who is going to cater to the needs of Maqsood’s family, and who will now arrange for the education of his kids?


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