Policeman who resigned on social media, detained

The police constable, identified as Rayees Ahmad Sheikh, whose video on Facebook went viral after announcing his resignation on the “call of conscience” has been detained by the police.

Reportedly, Police has said that they haven’t received any “official resignation” from Sheikh and has been detained to check “what prompted him to resign”.

Sheikh, in the video, had said, “My name is Rayees and I worked in the Police department as a constable for seven years. When I joined the police forces, I had taken an oath to serve the people of the state and my family too. But the situation in Kashmir has turned ugly. Every day people are dying, some are being blinded, some are rotting in jails. It is all because of the Kashmiris demand for a Plebiscite”.

“I can’t solve this problem but as a policeman, my consciousness questions me about the daily bloodbath in the valley. I have decided to leave this profession so that my consciousness does not question me anymore”.


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