EJAC to hoist black flags on offices on Sep 08

Employees Joint Action Committee (EJAC) on Wednesday held an important meeting against the atrocities being committed on the Rohingya Muslims.

The meeting was presided by EJAC president, Abdul Qayoom Wani.

During the meeting, Wani said that “killer of humanity, the Prime Minister of Myanmar Aung Saung Sukiyi has let loose the reign of terror and the Noble Award to her is an insult to the prestigious award as she is committing the worst type of human rights violation where children, women, daughters, youngsters and even aged people are not  spared by the Government sponsored brutality.”

Wani according to the statement issued here appealed all the countries and world community in general and Muslim Countries in particular to take a strong note of this Government sponsored brutality in Myanmar and open their borders to provide space and shelter to the refugees of Burma on humanitarian basis.

He also condemned the criminal silence of world community especially international Panchayat Ghar (UNO) on this serious human issue and also appealed to them to snatch her Noble Award which has been conferred to this killer of humanity namely Aung Saung Sukiyi.

EJAC appealed employees fraternity of J&K State irrespective of their caste, colour, creed, religion or region to stand against this barbarism and wear black badges on arms and hoist black flags on all the Government institutions and offices as a mark of Protest and solidarity against the brutal killings by the Government owned and sponsored terrorism on Rohingiya Muslims on 8th September.

EJAC has also decided that the EJAC leadership shall submit a memorandum to the UNO office in support and favour of Rohingiya Muslims of Myanmar.

Wani termed this carnage as a unique example of Barbarism and a challenge to the Human Rights Activists to act as per their conscience. He said that the genocide, killing and burning of Muslims should be stopped forthwith in Burma.

“World has never witnessed such a holocaust and ethnic cleansing. The world Human Rights organizations should come forward and use their good offices in curbing the Burmese terrorism otherwise they should close their offices as people are losing faith in them in day in and day out,” he said.

The meeting was attended by Fayaz Ahmad Shabnum, Khurshid Ahmad Bhat, Haji Bashir, Manzoor Ahmad Pampori, Abdul Salam Rajpouri, Shabir Ahmad Langoo, Wajahat Durani, Dr. Manzoor Ahmad, Farooq Ahmad Khan, Lateef Ahmad Malik, Sajad Ahmad Parray, Tariq Ahmad Sofi, Manzoor Ahmad Khan, Farooq Ahmad Malik, Gh, Rasool Bhat, Mohammad Afzal Bhat, Peer Nisar Ahmad, Dr. Shahid ul Islam, Shabir Ahmad Bhat, Nazir Ahmad Mir, Gulzar Ahmad Bhat, Ishfaq Ahmad Shah, Roud Ahmad, Feroz Ahmad Bhat, Ghulam Mohammad Shah, Shabir Ahmad Bhat, Nazir Ahmad Mir, Mohammad Altaf, Bashir Ahmad Thokar, Muzaffer Ahmad Ganai, Nazir Ahmad Rather, Ajaz Ahmad, Mohammad Akbar Dar, Malik Javed, Rouf Ahmad Wani, Shabir Ahmad (Gold Club Association), Dr. Shabir Ahmad, Bilal Ahmad (UEED), Mohsin Ahmad, Mohammad Ismail, Bashir Ahmad Goroo, Mukhtar Ahmad (PDD), Malik Fayaz , Abdul Hamid Zadoo, Mir Fayaz etc.

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