NIA summons Kalwal to Delhi

Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Saturday said that its Zonal president Noor Muhammad Kalwal has been summoned by National Investigating Agency (NIA).
JKLF spokesman according to the statement issued here said that NIA yesterday called Kalwal and asked him to present himself before NIA in Delhi on Monday 28th August 2017. “Toady a written summon was also delivered to him through local police,” spokesman said.
Terming this NIA summon as ‘a ploy’ to intimidate resistance leaders and activist, JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik said that Indian rulers with the help of their local government are using NIA as a tool against political resistance in Jammu Kashmir.
He said that Kalwal is a known political leader whose social as well as political life is like an open book. “He is leading a modest life and is known in Kashmir for his integrity, simplicity, selflessness and commitment to the peaceful resistance,” he said.
Malik said that from a long time NIA is threatening and bullying political activists and businessmen by calling them to Delhi and grilling them for hours, days, months and trying to percolate something from them so that resistance leadership is maligned and demonized.
He said that this agency has arrested many leaders and businessmen so-far and is continuing a vicious media trial against Kashmiris which actually shows their malice against Kashmiri resistance. “Indian rulers and their agencies want to slander resistance leadership and thus whole resistance movement under the garb of so-called ‘terror funding’ but instead of directly questioning and summoning the leaders are terrorizing their kith and kin, friends and families and running a media trial to excrete political mileage,” Malik said.
He asked Indian leadership and their agencies that if they are sure about the allegations leveled against resistance leadership why are they terrorizing people here and there and why don’t they directly summon the leadership so that this matter is settled and people get aware of the real facts.
Malik said that for us this struggle is a scared struggle nourished by enormous innocent blood and despite all propaganda, intimidations, threats and torture we will keep the flag and flame of this struggle high and will leave no stone unturned to take this peoples struggle to its desired goal.

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