Editorial: Seriousness needed 


Managing human resources has been the weakest link of almost all the government departments of the state. This mismanagement has affected the efficiency of their department and surely meant problem for the common people who suffer as a result of such mismanagement. The affect is more prominent and problematic in departments that have maximum public interface.

Education is one such department where mismanagement of human resources means depriving students of quality education in seamless manner.

Last year, the department took over the process of automation of its Human Resource records. The process was aimed at streamlining data so as to ensure optimal use of available human resources. The process was also expected to do away with red tape and corruption, that is alleged to be associated with transfers in the department.

Given the rot in the system, it is alleged that in the process of automation, many of entries of employees could not even be traced to specifics in terms of individuals and place of posting.

This followed one of the first kind of its reshuffles in the department, which was termed as automated and random to ensure no corruption and nepotism. Though, it termed out to be not as smooth , as the officials would have wanted us to believe. Corrective measures were promised by the authorities.

Almost six months down the line, the systemic problems don’t seem to be giving way to accuracies and prudence. This was demonstrated by the fact that in the recently ordered reshuffle of the principals, the department even transferred officials who had already retired from government services.

Some may call it a case of over sight, but there are reasons to believe that the approach is non-serious and hence such incidents should not only be dealt with seriously but it should be ensured that they are not repeated at any cost in future.

If we cannot demonstrate utmost cautions in case of managing human resources in crucial departments like education, where else would we?

It is high time that we give up the approach of past and work with renewed focus in order to enhance delivery to the optimal levels. More so in case of crucial departments like Education.


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