Imtiyaz’s death renders Jogiwan family devastated, helpless 

On Sunday night when a grenade was lobbed at a Police party near Dalgate Srinagar, Imtiyaz Ahmad Zargar (40), son of Ghulam Qadir Zargar of Ahmada Kadal, Jogiwan, Hawal became an immediate causality. Severely injured, he was referred initially to SMHS and was later taken to SKIMS, where he breathed his last at 3 am on Monday morning.

Driver by profession, Imtiyaz had gone to collect money from his friend. Once he was done, he was waiting for someone to give him a lift at the road side as he was heading home.

“He was waiting for someone to give him a lift, as it was Hartal on Sunday, while he was waiting the tragedy stuck and he is no more with us,” said a relative Bilal Ahmad.

Grim scenes were witnessed at his residence at Jogiwan, Hawal as some ladies were wailing, and while as some were consoling others.

According to the neighbours and relatives, who were present at his residence, Imtiyaz was a hard working person, and was struggling to make two ends meet for himself and for his family, who solely depended on him. 

Imtiyaz, is survived by two younger brothers and sisters, who were also in shock as they have lost—in a sense—their father. Apart from this he is also survived by an aged mother, who was not in her senses when this reporter visited them.

Imtiyaz, who was old enough to get married, had decided not to marry and provide his family with the best of support he can get.

“He worked hard to get this house constructed for his family,” said a neighbour while pointing at Imtiyaz’s house, adding that now everything is lost for his family, as he is nowhere to be found now.

After he was injured on Sunday night, he was taken to SMHS, while he was being referred to the hospital. He called his brother for the last time, telling him about the incident and where he was being taken for the treatment. After that he never spoke, and only his dead body managed to return to his home, where from he had left during the day to collect the money from his friend.

The family seems not be coming in terms with his death, as his sister still utter these words, while wailing “he has gone for some work, he will be back,”

A soft spoken and sober person, his neighbours are equally disturbed due to this untimely death, “he was a great person, a helpful one, who didn’t deserve to die so early, but everyone is helpless when it comes to fate,” said Imtiyaz’s next door neighbour, adding that he is yet to believe that Imtiyaz is no more.

With the incident at Dalgate, yet another family has lost its sole bread earner, and yet another family has been rendered helpless, with no one coming to sympathise with them to share their grief, except relatives and the neighbour around.

Imtiyaz’s family has not only lost a member of their family, but for them, it is as if their backbone has been rendered to pieces. And now the family is afraid saying that they won’t be able to even stand up without Imtiyaz.

The family is only another addition to the already existing long list of families who have been left with nothing and have been rendered spineless.


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