Rajasthan University shuts hostel door on 250 JK Students

Suresh Gyan Vihar University (SGVU) authorities in Jaipur have ordered about 250 Kashmiri students to vacate the hostel as they alleged did not receive the scholarship amount extended to them by the central government.

According to the reports, the students are pleading every Muslim house in the city for accommodation.

Notably, since 2014, 420 students sought admission at SGVU under the Prime Minister Special Scholarship Scheme. The students mostly from valley got scholarships, which includes tuition, hostel and mess fees, is released on an annual basis.

The Centre released scholarship support for only 100 students in May 2016. The remaining 320, including 70 girls, are waiting for the funds to arrive, sources said.

According to the reports, the centre had denied the scholarship amount to the University saying that the institution is ‘fake’.

Meanwhile, the girls have been allowed to stay in the hostel, the boys -many of them studying for the past three years -were issued notices to vacate the hostel on August 1.

However, reports said that they can attend classes if they can manage their stay in the city.

“The university claims it has not received a single penny from the government on my behalf since my admission in 2015. Why did the government award scholarship when they had no plans to release funds? I can barely afford a week’s stay at the dormitory,” 21-year old Tausif was quoted by a daily.


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