Govt to contest abrogation of Article 35-A, says Law Minister

Following the opposition’s clear threat and agitation call by the separatist groups  against abrogation of Article 35-A, the government Monday said it is contesting the case in Supreme Court with ‘full defense’.

Minister for Law Abdul Haq Khan said that the government is taking all the cases ‘seriously’ and will contest them in any court ‘with full vigour and defense’.

“We are contesting and defending the Article 35-A will full vigour and defense. We have engaged best constitutional expert in of the country,” he said.

The minister disclosed that Fali Nariman will contest the case in Supreme Court along with the state’s Advocate General.

Pertinently, the Opposition and separatist groups have raised an alarm over the proposed abrogation of Article 35 A for which a petition has been filed by an RSS-backed think tank in Supreme Court.

“Opposition political parties should not create ruckus over the issue. The government is competent enough to contest it seriously and legally,” Khan added.

The minister said that the Chief Minister is monitoring the case and she is putting up in New Delhi to monitor it.

“The government is not lagging behind anywhere,” the minister said in response to the NC President Dr Farooq Abdullah’s claim that ‘Kashmir is headed for another revolution’.

The SC heard the petition on July 17 and referred the petition to three-judge bench whose hearing it set it for hearing after six weeks from July 17.

Advocate General of the state, Jahangir Iqbal Ganaie said the state government has filed a counter affidavit in December last year when the petition was filed against abrogation of Article 35 A.

“We have prayed before the Supreme Court that the petition is not maintainable because the issue has been settled by the apex court in a case titled Sampat Prakash and others. We also said that Article 35 A has historical background for incorporation of Fundamental Rights into the state constitution. We gave concurrence to the fundamental rights when the article was incorporated,” Ganaie said.

He said the state government is contesting it in whatever best way it could to defend the article.

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