Leopard attacks create panic in Pulwama Villages

Residents of many villages in the twin Districts of Shopian and Pulwama are terrified as a man eating leopard is roaming in the villages creating scare for the people.

The movement of people in many villages including Banderpora, Chandgam, Nownagri, Renzipora, Wasoora, Gulzarpora, Reshiepora and its adjacent areas has been restricted to their homes as people fear to venture out for the fear of leopard.

The leopard has created panic in Banderpora, a village around 12 kilometers from district headquarter Pulwama, since it killed a minor, Azim Hamid Padroo, son of Abdul Hamid Padroo, on July 21.

The minor was walking to his uncle’s nearby house on the fateful evening, when the leopard attacked and dragged him to a gorge where from his body was recovered the next morning.

Subsequently, the leopard has created panic in many villages as well as it killed some animals leaving the villagers terrified. The villagers said they are afraid to go to their orchards.

“If a villager goes to work in his orchard, he ensures he is accompanied by someone to watch his back,” a villager said. “Recently, a woman was piggy backed home from her orchard where she had heard the leopard’s roar.”

Locals added that they fear to send their children to schools.

“We have to accompany them to their schools and later collect them back also,” said a resident.

A teacher working in a school in Chandgam village of Pulwama district said that most students are remaining absent as parents fear for the leopard attack.

The villagers said a team from the Wildlife Department has been in the village since July 22, but they too have not succeeded to trap or kill the beast yet.

Wildlife Warden, Shopian Division, Afshan Deewan, said the department is  making every effort to catch the leopard.

“Our team has been there since the incident happened, and they are working day and night to catch the leopard to ensure no more damage is done,” she said.

She added that we have deputed whole manpower and all important equipments  of three forest divisions there so that we can catch the leopard as soon as possible.

She added that leopard has been in vast orchard area, so it becomes difficult to track it.

“There is no need to be panicky, just inform the control room working there 24×7,” in case the leopard is seen roaming somewhere in the area,” she advised the people.

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