For two months hospital authorities took care of ‘mentally unsound’ patient

Vinod Sharma, hailing from Indore, Madhya Pradesh was reunited with his family after two months at Mental Diseases Hospital, Rainawari. He was brought to the hospital in May this year from Police Station Handwara, after doctors found out that he is mentally unsound.

Vinod has gone missing from his home in Indore a month before he was brought to the hospital. According to his family members he usually got agitated on minor issues and would run away from home.

“Vinod Sharma was brought to this hospital by police station Handwara on the directions of Honourable Chief Judicial Magistrate, Handwara on 17-05-2017. In court order by CJM Handwara, dated 17-05-17, it was mentioned that Vinod Sharms is mentally unsound and have directed to SHO Handwara to admit the person in govt hospital Srinagar,” the hospital records said.

“He had developed some complications in his mental health, and on the day he ran away, he had entered into an argument with someone in the area,” said his brother, Sanjay Sharma.

After that the family continued with the search to trace him down, however, there was no breakthrough.

“We filed a missing report at the concerned police station, but what came as hindrance was that Vinod was not that well-known in the area and the efforts by police did not bear any fruits,” he said.

In July this year the hospital administration got in touch with his family through local police station in Indore.

“Our team of doctors and other workers after repeated attempts finally established contact with Vinod’s family,” said Dr. Zaid, Associate Proffesor at the hospital.

The team of doctors has worked hard in this case to make sure that the patient recovers so that they may be able to ask him for details, “it was after tireless efforts that our doctors treated him in a way that he recovered and finally was able to give out his details,” he said.

“Since May, 2017 the resident doctors and Social workers in the hospital have made repeated efforts through police to get in touch with his family in Indore. In July 2017, hospital managed to get in touch with the family through local police station in Indore. The hospital has traced his address and informed his family on phone,” the document that was prepared after the patient was handed over to his family reads, adding that “His family has arrived (brother) to the hospital on 27-7-2017, the patient t has been handed over to his brother after completing necessary formalities to send back him home.”

According to Sanjay Sharma, the hospital administration has played a great role in the reunion of Vinod with his family.

“It would not have been possible (reunion) without the help of doctors and other staff in the hospital,” he said.

Commenting upon the treatment that Vinod Sharma’s brother got in Kashmir, he said that it was totally against what is being portrayed in the media, “I cannot express the way I was treated in Kashmir and especially in this hospital,” he said.

The patient has been finally discharged and has been asked to follow the treatment as advised and to continue the consultation of any psychologist at their place.

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