Government trying to keep ration beyond the reach of poor: NC

Opposition National Conference (NC), leader and Provincial President Women’s  Wing Satwant Kaur Dogra Saturday strongly criticized PDP-BJP Government for depriving about 45 Lakh  people of the state of their monthly sugar quota.

“By raising rates of  sugar by 85% from Rs. 13.50 to Rs. 25 per kg for BPL families. The present government is hell bent to keep ration beyond the reach of poor people whom they exploited during elections by making false slogans like food for all and poverty for none,” Dogra said.

She said that the statement turned out just a hoax as the government is trying its best to make life difficult for a common man here.

Launching a scathing attack on the government, Satwant Kaur said this sudden increase in the rate of sugar by 85% for BPL families has exposed the anti poor face of BJP-PDP government.

“The CADP ration depots have stopped the supply of Sugar from June, 2017,” she said, adding that the BJP-PDP combine has miserably failed on all fronts in Jammu province as they have forgotten the basic principles of managing and running a democratic government. .

Satwant said the state is going through one of the harshest period where poor people are facing the brunt and with such hikes in ration, the poor are being punished more.

“It seems that government is hell bent on making the people suffer for everyday needs badly.”

 While terming the move anti-people, she said that the people of the state are already suffering a lot due to continuous border firing and increasing prices of ration at this juncture is a severe blow for the common man.

“BJP’s biggest promise to the young voter was to create jobs each year and regularization of thousands of workers. But BJP failed to keep that promise. The people had mandated BJP for ‘Ache-Din’ and what they got in return is just a nightmare,” she alleged.

 She appealed the government to restore the supply of sugar to all APL families at non subsidized rates and roll back the steep increase in sugar price for BPL families.

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