Farooq bats for third party intervention on Kashmir

National Conference leader and Member Parliament from Srinagar, Farooq Abdullah on Friday said that it is time India approaches a third party like China or the United States to referee the Kashmir conflict.

“For how long are you going to wait?” a New Delhi based news agency quoted the National Conference leader as saying.

“Sometimes, you have to pull the bull by its horns. The way is to have a dialogue.” He added that as India has many friends across the world, it can ask them to act as a mediator. “US President Trump himself said that he wants to settle Kashmir problem. China also said that it wants to mediate in Kashmir,” he added.

On Twitter, Omar Abdullah took on critics accusing his father of making inappropriate statements. “This is what I mean. Twist remarks out of shape so that the original intent and message is completely distorted,” Omar Abdullah tweeted.

“The stubbornness exhibited by both nations will not lead us any where,”Farooq Abdullah allegedly said. He further quoted former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and said, “Friends can be changed, but not neighbours. One can move forward while maintaining friendship or can regress by becoming enemies.”

Farooq Abdullah’s statement, however, evoked mixed reactions from many. Jammu and Kashmir deputy chief minister Nirmal Singh condemned it and said, “The Prime Minister is personally monitoring the situation in Kashmir, wants people to prosper and tread on path of development.”

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