CAG finds serious lapses on fund utilization in HED

A whooping amount of Rs 61 lakhs released for libraries has remained unspent in Higher Education Department (HED) during the past many years, a latest report by Comptroller and Auditor General (CEG) has revealed.

The funds as per CAG report were allotted to colleges under Books and Periodicals during the year 2011-12 to 20015-16.

“Though the subscription to e-journalis has been made but the other facilities have not been provided to students. Audit noticed that Rs 61.45 lakh allotted to colleges has not been utilized for procurement of course books,” CAG report reveals.

It has further revealed that 119 books valuing Rs 45000 issued to 22 lecturers who were disengaged had not been returned by them.

“Similarly, 105 books valuing Rs 29000 damaged by termites had not been written off,”  it states.

The HED as per CAG report has stated that 29.45 lakh were incurred for purchase of books however, Rs 13.46 lakh couldn’t be utilized due to non-encashment of bills at the treasury.

“Cost of books will be recovered from ad hoc lecturers whose salary for previous month had been withheld and that efforts were being made to write off the value of damaged books,” CAG reads.

CAG has also highlighted the failure of HED to ensure encumbrance free land for construction of college building for new Women’s College Srinagar at Zakura which resulted in unproductive expenditure of Rs 9.89 crore and blocking of Rs 6.23 crore for over four years.

Moreover, CAG in its report has censured HED over non-utilisation of funds for student related activities and college development.

Funds charged from students for college development and student related activities, have remained unspent in HED, depicting dismal performance of the department in utilization of funds.

As per the figures, an amount of Rs 1.70 crore out of Rs 2.25 has remained unspent in the colleges during the year 2011-12 while as Rs 2.12 crore out of Rs 2.81 crore was unspent in the colleges during the financial year 2012-13.

“Fee collected from students at the time of admission is required to be utilized for student related activities and college development. Audit noticed unutilized balance under 23 local funds ranging between Rs 1.70 crore to Rs 3.15 crore at the end of each year from 2011-2015-16,” reads the CAG report.

In the year 2013-14 an amount of Rs 2.38 core out of Rs 3.24 core charged from students at the time of their admissions, remained unutilized while as Rs 2.52 core out of Rs 3.32 core remained unutilized in the year 2014-15.

Also, the CAG report has revealed that an amount of Rs 3.15 core out of Rs 4.03 core charged from students, remained unutilized in the colleges.

Moreover, it has observed non utilization of plan funds by the college management, released in the range of 42 and 17 percent and non-plan funds released under the range of 79 and 66 percent during the year 2012-13 to 2015-16.

“The audit noticed preparation of unrealistic budget estimates by the college management.  Despite less receipt of funds, there were still unutilized funds ranging between 11 and 35 percent under Non-plan at the close of each financial year from 2011 to 2016 and 61 percent of Plan funds had remained unutilized during 204-15,” it reads.

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