Valley’s lone child care hospital facing ‘private practice’ menace

Attendants at GB Panth Hospital Friday accused that the doctors who are meant to perform their duties in the hospital are indulged in private practice, making a joke of already in place ban order on private practice of the doctors in the state. The attendants alleged that the private practice by the medicos is leading to the disruption of normal functioning of the hospital.

Aggrieved attendants alleged that the doctors fail to effectively perform their duties in the hospital and at times there is no one to attend to the emergency cases.

“Many doctors that are here are also doing the private practice during official hours, and due to which the patients are suffering,” said Bashir Ahmad from Anantnag.

There are complaints that the doctors undertake only one round in 24 hours and after that attendants hardly find any doctor if needed, “they start the round usually at around 11 AM and the next round is undertaken next day at 11 AM,” said Ali Muhammad.

Some are saying that there is no definite time for the regular rounds, “some doctors who are busy at their private clinics usually get late and the rounds began as per their convenience,” he said, adding that “once the round is over, then you cannot find anyone around.”

Inayat Ahmad is an attendant whose baby has been admitted in the hospital for 45 days now, says that he has got a video proof of no doctors being available at around 12 in the midnight.

As per the instruction of the state government there is blanket ban on private practice of medicos in the state. A year ago the state government issued an order announcing blanket ban on private practice by heads of the departments of state medical and dental colleges, while threatening ‘strict disciplinary action’ against the violators.

Importantly, Health and Medical Education Department had issued orders to implement a fresh ban on private practice, effective currently on Heads of the Departments of government run medical and dental colleges in the state.

The Circular 2 of 2016 dated 13-06-2016 reads, ‘HoDs in Government Medical Colleges, and Government Dental Colleges and Associated Hospitals of the state not to indulge in private practice.’ The said order warns that government would be ‘ensuring strict monitoring’, and also threatens strict action against the violators.

However, what the attendants complaint about at the GB Panth hospital is totally grave violation of rules and no one seems to be interesting in raising a whisper.

In fact, Medical Superintended, Dr. Kanwal Jeet Singh also said that people are bringing up the issue of private practice; however what he said was interesting, he said “we can’t help it; even, Principal GMC today also said that we cannot help it.”

Pertinently, while chairing the Governing Body meeting of SKIMS in 2015, then Chief Minister, Late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed had warned SKIMS doctors “to choose either between keeping their job or private practice and any violation of the directions will be viewed seriously”


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