Malik taken to hospital for medical checkup

Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik , was on Sunday brought to Khyber hospital Srinagar for some necessary medical checkups.

JKLF spokesman in a statement issued here said that besides various blood tests, doctors took his Ultrasound and other tests to examine the condition of his kidneys as from a long time he has been diagnosed of having multiple stones in both of his kidneys.

After today’s medical examinations, Malik was again shifted to central jail.

Quoting the party chairman, the spokesman said that he condemned the ongoing ‘oppression’ across Kashmiri valley and termed it as ‘an outcome of the unethical marriage bond between Kashmiri ruling regime with fascist Nagpur mindset which it tied for the lust of power’.

“PDP, which used to propagate the self rule and life with dignity for Jammu Kashmir after its immoral marriage bond with RSS has forgotten every slogan and shun the ideas it was propagating only to hoodwink people of Jammu Kashmir,” Malik said.

He said that soon after assuming power and its union with the fascists, PDP came to its true colors and started its anti-Kashmir and anti-Muslim schemes with full force.

Malik said that people of Kashmir with their exemplary unity and commendable sacrifices have resisted many of its anti-Kashmir and anti-Muslim designs latest of which is the implementation of GST in J&K. “To suppress Kashmiri voices, this ruling regime has killed hundreds mercilessly but blinded, maimed and arrested thousands and this oppression is going on unabated,” JKLF chief said.

Terming restrictions, curfew, blanket ban on internet, arresting hundreds across the Valley and banning congregational prayers and mornings on Burhan day, as ‘dreadful dictatorship’ in the garb of democracy, Malik said that “the way pellets, bullets, tear and pepper gas shells and cane-charging have been used against common people resulting in injuries to dozens including women and children is an ample proof of the frustration, the rulers and occupational authorities are suffering from.”

“How long will these succeed in suppressing peoples voices by military and police might and how can these stop a people’s march towards freedom,” he added.

He said that “tyranny and oppression are bound to fail and it is the peoples will and valor that will have the last victory and time is not far when oppressed nation of Kashmir also will triumph over the oppression and military occupation.”

Meanwhile, JKLF zonal president Noor Muhammad Kalwal along with zonal organizer Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri and Ghulam Muhammad Dar today visited SMHS hospital and met with the recent victims who sustained injuries by Indian pellets and bullets at various places of Kashmir yesterday.

JKLF delegation met with these latest victims of ‘Indian aggression’ and prayed for their speedy recovery and wellbeing and expressed solidarity with them and their families.

Leaders also met with the medical staff attending on these victims and enquired about their health conditions and wellbeing.

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