After Mirwaiz’s relatives, NIA harrasing institution heads: Hurriyat (M)

Hurriyat Conference (M) Sunday condemned the continued harassment and pressure being put by the Government of India (GoI) through its agency the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

According to the statement issued here, the Hurriyat Conference (M) spokesman said that “NIA not only harassed those associated with the Hurriyat conference but is extending the harassment to the family members of the amalgams chairman Mirwaiz Muhammad Umar Farooq and now to the institutions and organizations headed by him.”

“NIA has sent a notice to Ibraheem Shah General Secretary of Anjuman Nusratul Islam, to report to New Delhi for so called ‘questioning’ while another notice has been served to Mohammad Hussain Khan Accountant Aquaf Jamia Masjid also to report to NIA in New Delhi again for so called ‘questioning’,” he said, adding that both Anjuman Nusratul Islam and Aquaf Jamia Masjid are apolitical educational and social organizations which have a great history of serving the people of the state selflessly for decades and subjecting its members to harassment and intimidation for the sole reason of being part of institutions headed by the Mirwaiz, to put pressure on the Mirwaiz is deplorable.

The Spokesman said Ibraheem is a retired chief engineer of the Government who has been honorarily serving the Anjuman for the past many years.

He said while NIA has an office in Srinagar instead of asking the concerned to come over there for “questioning” it asks them to come to New Delhi to further harass and trouble them.

He said those being “questioned” including  Mirwaiz’s uncles and Media Advisor of Hurriyat (M) Advocate Shahid ul Islam are made to wait from morning to night and then asked to come again the next day without being asked much or the purpose of their coming to the office.

Spokesman said these ploys and pressure tactics will not deter the Mirwaiz or APHC from pursuing its political cause of struggling for the basic rights and aspirations of the people of Kashmir. “All it does is further expose the level of persecution the state apparatus can go to against those it cannot defeat politically,” he said.

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