LA witnesses bedlam as PDP MLA threatens to hang Er Rashid

The Legislative Assembly Tuesday witnessed noisy scenes after the heated arguments between independent MLA Er Rashid and PDP MLA, Javed Beg, after the latter threatened Rashid of hanging on the road after he slammed the ruling benches of espousing anti-Kashmir policies.

During the ruckus in the Assembly NC MLAs attacked the watch and ward staff of the assembly while the BJP members took an umbrage of the Er Rashid terming Kashmir a dispute.

Following the noisy scenes in the Assembly, Speaker, Kavinder Gupta, adjourned the house as  ruling and opposition lawmakers including independent lawmaker Er Rasheed exchanged heated arguments during the special session of the Assembly.

The house was debating the implementation of GST regime in Jammu and Kashmir. As the speaker asked the security staff to marshal out Er Rasheed from the house, Opposition lawmakers prevented the staff from doing so.

The ruckus was created as Rasheed and ruling PDP lawmaker Javed Baigh exchanged heated words. Rasheed had intervened during the speech which was made by NC MLA, Mohammad Shafi Uri, and after he termed Beigh as being ì traitoríí that infuriated the PDP MLA, who threatened him of hanging him on a roadside.

Rasheed replied by saying that Kashmir is a disputed territory. ìYeh kisi ki jageer nahi hai.î

These arguments continued for several minutes, with NC lawmakers also entering into verbal duel with the BJP members. The BJP MLAs were demanding an apology from Rasheed for terming Beg as traitor. Following the noisy scenes, Speaker adjourned the house till 2:30. In the melee NC MLAs entered into the scuffle with the watch and ward staff.

During the din, Rasheed was heard shouting that Kashmir is a ìdisputed territory,íí and is not ì anyoneís property.íí  During the heated arguments, NC members came in support of Er Rasheed. When the Speaker asked marshals to take Er Rasheed out of the House, former speaker and NC MLA, Akbar Lone, stood up and dared marshals to touch Rasheed, ìHaath lagakay tou dikhao,î he said.

Later, Awami Itehad Party (AIP), in a statement said that ìin the state assembly, collation members crossed all limits today when they physically tried to manhandle Er Rasheed and Javaid Beigh threatened Er Rasheed of hanging him on the four way.î

ìI will love to get hanged for my people with love and willingness. Er Rashid accused PDP of selling its conscience and cheating the people of J&K but added that all the unconstitutional steps are helping Kashmir cause and the moves to integrate J&K with rest of India will miserably fail,î AIP statement said, quoting Rasheed.

Earlier, Rasheed had demanded the urgent release of traders, who were arrested ahead of GST discussion in the house. While addressing stateís law minster Rasheed said ìthey (traders) are respectable citizens, release them as soon as possible.î


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