Govt says a ‘big no’ to re-employment of officials

The J&K Finance department has cracked a whip on government departments for allowing undue extension to retired bureaucrats despite the strict government directions to stop such practice.

The circular in this regard has been issued by Commissioner Secretary Finance department, Navin K Choudhary wherein the government departments have been directed not to allow any employee to remain in service beyond the normal date of his retirement.

ìDespite clear-cut instructions issued on the subject from time to time, instances still come to the notice of Finance Department where the Government employees continue or are allowed to continue to remain in service beyond the normal date of their retirement on one pretext or the other, contrary to the explicit provisions of rules,î reads the circular issued by the finance department.

It reads that proposals for regularization of such irregular overstayed are forwarded to Finance Department for agreement thereto in relaxation of rules without any corrective and coercive action being taken by the departments against the defaulting officers.

ìThis practice has been viewed seriously in Finance Department and should be stopped in future,î the circular reads.

The Finance department through its circular has directed all the Administrative Secretaries to Government to impress upon their subordinate head of the Departments (HoDs) and controlling officers to desist from such practice and ìstrictly adhere to the Codal provisions while dealing with such issues.î

ìThe Government instruction No 2 below Article 226 (1) of J&K CSR’s Volume I should be the guiding factor while coming across or disposing off such issues,î the circular reads.

The Finance department has also directed the HoDs and controlling officers to remain duty bound to have framed and issued Retirement Memos bi-annually- on January 1 and July 01 every year of all Gazetted and non-Gazetted ìgovernment servantsî due to retire within next 24 to 30 months as prescribed under Article 285(a) l of J&K CSR’s Volume I.

ìThe officers involved or responsible for overstay of employees in service beyond their due dates of retirement will be identified and appropriate action as prescribed under rules will be initiated against them to overcome such situations,î reads the circular issued by finance department.

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