Opposition boycotts GST meet

Opposition parties National Conference (NC) and Congress Saturday boycotted the all party meeting which was convened by the government  to reach the consenus over the implementation of the goods and services tax (GST) in the state.

National Conference said in a statement that in the previous meeting on this issue, Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti, had committed that before any further meetings are called on this issue, the government would share its proposal and all supporting documents with the participants well in advance. NC spokesman said that the government has” failed to do so, making it impossible for the all party meeting to finalise its stand on what the government is proposing.’’ “ Therefore was not possible for our Party to attend this meeting.’’

Congress also efrained from attending the meeting in Srinagar citing the “non-serious attitude of the government as a reaon.’’

The party also blamed PDP BJP coalition for being in a state of confusion over GST, as a result of which “ the trade bodies in the entire state were in dilemma.’’

Congress spokesperson said in a statement issued  today that the party has decided to refrain from the meeting, saying that Government has failed to circulate the draft proposal, as  it “was agreed that the draft resolution of GST  would be circulated to Congress and other parties, enabling them (Opposition) to debate and discuss the GST  at length inorder to evolve a consensus.’’ “ But this is unfortunate that no such proposal from the Govt side has come out so far, which reflects that both PDP BJP are in a state of confusion and  has no roadmap on GST.’’

Expressing surprise over the non-serious attitude of the government Congress spokesperson said that despite the pressing demand from opposition for draft proposal, nothing was done from the government side “which has sent confusing signals among the entire political   spectrum in the state.’’

Spokesperson added that Chief Minister agreed in the all-Party meet that draft proposal as demanded by the opposition would be circulated to every political party, but despite that nothing was done on the part of government . He further said that one fails to understand that on the one hand PDP BJP is in hurry to implement GST and on the other hand Govt is not even able to circulate draft proposal, which is indicative of double standards and ill intentions on the part of the PDP BJP Coalition, which remains the cause behind Congress Party’s  refraining from today’s GST meet.

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