Payam-e-Ramadhan:  Islamic Calligraphy competition held at KU

Islamic calligraphy competition was held on the fourth day of the ongoing Ramdhan festival, “Payam-e-Ramadhan” in Gandhi Bhawan, Kashmir University here on Monday.

The six day long festival was organized by the Division of Youth Affairs, Department of Students Welfare Kashmir University from 15th to 20th June.

The main objective of the competition, as per the organizers was to bring forward the artists and provide a space for them to present their art and show their talent. The art of calligraphy is slowly getting out of fashion due to the revolution in computer world.

A total of thirty participants participated in the competition. Students from many Institutions and of many age groups were the part of the competition including some participants from different departments of Kashmir University as well.

Other participating Institutions were: IUST, Vitasta Law College, GWC Nawa Kadal and Presentation Convent School.

“It’s a nice effort that too in a blessed month like Ramadhan. I am quite impressed by the response of the people from the different walks of life and I am very happy that somebody is doing it from the younger generation also. We should encourage such kinds of events not only in month but throughout the year” said Dr. llyas Rizvi who is a Kashmir based Islamic art enthusiast.

Suhaib Maqbool, who belongs to Taslimul Islam School bagged first position followed by Aqib Rasool Dar (The Business School, KU) and Shafia Shafi(Department of Psychology, KU) who bagged second and third positions. Vilayat Hussain (Department of Persian, KU) and Saif Ali Joo (Islamia College) were ranked fourth and fifth respectively.

“I have participated in many competitions before this and honestly speaking I am inclined more to this art than to my studies. I have prepared  ‘Qalams’ myself for this competition and I have given my best. Events like this should happen often so that we get a chance to prove our talent” said a participant Villayet Hussain, who was later got fourth position in the competition.

The other programs of the festival included Husn-i-Naat, Husn-i-Qirat and Husn-i-Azaan. A good number of participants took part in those programs also.




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