Sacrifices given by leadership unforgettable: Mirwaiz

Chairman Hurriyat Conference (M) Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Monday paid tributes to Dr Qazi Nisar on his 24th anniversary.

Describing Dr Qazi Nisar as ‘a noted religious scholar and popular political leader’, Mirwaiz, who was released from house detention, said that “martyred leader had dedicated his life to a noble cause.”

According to the statement issued here, Mirwaiz said while sacrifices given by the people for the ongoing resistance movement are innumerous, the sacrifices given at the leadership level are also unforgettable.

Mirwaiz said the martyred leader besides being intellectually oriented was a religious scholar with a strong faith as well as practice who preferred a life of dignity rather than submitting to coercion and intimidation.

In the meantime in connection with his sermons and preaching in the last ten days of the holy month of Ramadan known as (Ushra-e-Najat) Mirwaiz addressed a gathering of believers at Kaniyal Masjid Mahraj Gung Srinagar before Asr prayers and threw light on the blessing and greatness of the Ramadan. He said, this is the month of Nazool-e-Quran. Elaborating on this Mirwaiz said that Quran is the ultimate gift sent by the almighty towards mankind as a complete and comprehensive guide of life which teaches of Taweed and worshiping Allah alone and not to indulge in Shrik, it also teaches us good behavior and adoption of noble way of life while keeping away from evils.

Mirwaiz said that the teachings of holy Quran are unparalleled in character building of humans. In the present times when there is turmoil and trouble all over the world and the weaker are being suppressed and terrorized by the stronger, the Muslims, in particular, are at the receiving end everywhere because of the lack of unity among them and erosion in their character, it is time they turn towards the holy Quran and build their character in accordance with the principals laid down in it which will eventually deliver them from all their ills and difficulties.

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