“IN the age of darkness, nation was unaware about their basic rights; MIRWAIZ YOUSUF SHAH (R.A.) made the need of change possible by bringing all his intellect and resources in service for the people”.

After studying in Deoband , where, under the guidance of ULEMA’s (Islamic scholars) like Moulana Mehmood Hassan , Allama Anwar Shah Kashmiri , Moulana Aezaz Ali, Moulana Muhammad Ibrahim Bil’lawi and Moulana Shabir Ahmed Usmana sahih (R.A.), Mirwaiz Muhammad Yousuf (R.A.) attained the degree of Fazil-e-Deodand.

He did his Moulvi Fazil degree from Punjab University. Prominent Islamic Scholars like Qari Muhammad Toyib, Mufti Muhammad Shafi  (Chief Mufti Pakistan), Moulana Badar Aalam Meerthi, Moulana Muhammad Manzoor Nomani (R.A.) were his companions of  literary journey. Mirwaiz yousuf was also among the founder members of Tabligi Jamaat, which Moulana Abul Hassan Nadwi (R.A.) has revealed in his book titled “Moulana Ilyas aur unki Deeni Daawat”.

During this period, he also witnessed Khilafat movement very closely even served it, in 1925 returned home and established here  branch of khilafat committee , later turned Muslim representative committee then into Muslim conference Jammu and Kashmir in 1932. Being a member of most respected family of valley, Mirwaiz Muhammad Yousuf Shah (R.A) was not destitute or indigent of fame or popularity.

His great personality made to achieve a prime place in the hearts of millions of people. He did ethical politics with highest standards according to the teachings of Islam and never differentiated with others on the grounds of personnel interests in matters, but on the basis of principles.  Late Mirwaiz’s great Islamic literary achievement is (Bayanul Furqan), his Kashmiri translation of the HOLY QURAN.            

 In the age of darkness, nation was unaware about their basic rights, MIRWAIZ YOUSUF SHAH (R.A.) made the need of change possible by bringing all his intellect and resources in service of people, he is founder of freedom struggle of Jammu and Kashmir, he fought against the autocratic rule of Maharaja, besides Islamic teachings he imparted the political values to the people of valley.

His political theory was based on basic laws of Islam; justice, equality and good conscience. He had established first Kashmir based National printing press where newspaper “ISLAM”, had been published twice a week. After few years another newspaper “REHNUMA” was also published. Both newspapers were serving the interests of Nation in an commendable manner, but they too were not spared from suppressive tactics of Dogra regime. This way Mirwaiz attained the honored status of introducing unbiased journalism in Kashmir.

The intolerable circumstances made for him by his political opponents, where he decided to give sacrifice for larger interest of Nation, practicing on the Sacred Traditions of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) he was forced to remain under migration to Azad Kashmir, where he was elected as founder PRESIDENT of Independent part of Jammu and Kashmir.

He started with a mission at international level to meet the Heads of different countries to garner support for final and permanent resolution of Jammu and Kashmir problem and became the founder of propagating issue of Jammu and Kashmir at foreign level.

Even today, the all round performance of Mirwaiz in every field of life inspires people and guide them how to move forward in their lives regarding achievement of different goals. He was a true warrior of Islam, whether these were the religion, political or social affairs, he headed forward with full confidence and capabilities to make all the difficulties vanish.

Mirwaiz’s political vision wasn’t acceptable to some people, they opposed him on the basis that Muslim conference is a purely muslim organization and it cannot serve the interests of the minorities living in state like hindus and others.

But those who stood against Mirwaiz were actually far from the teachings of ISLAM, otherwise they might haven’t challenged the sacred teachings. The heirs of that narrow political thought today find Mirwaiz Yousuf Shah’s political thought valid and genuine.

Mirwaiz’s social contribution is not hidden also, he had launched many movements against social evils such as; movement against extravagance, smoking, unislamic traditions, etc. and also wrote on the issues so that people understand the difference between right and wrong in a real perspective. During his tenure the Anjuman Nusratul Islam, an educational institute running under the auspices of Mirwaiz family touched new heights, which was a revolutionary step to strengthen the educational structure of state.

We can to somehow understand how God-fearing and God-loving late Mirwaiz was by his last moments he lived in this mortal world. It is in the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.), “ one who keeps fast of Ramazan gets two special rewards from ALLAH, one at the time of breaking the fast and other he gets glimpse of his LORD”. Almighty rewarded Late Mirwaiz both the rewards at same time, when he departed from this world, because it was the time of Iftaar (when Muslims break their fast)  on 16th 0f Ramazan. The best way we can pay tribute to our founding father of Nation is to follow his footsteps and the younger generation must read about THE GREAT LEADER.

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