‘Hindu rashtra’ mindset can’t get you closer to K-solution: Ayer tells BJP

Former Union Minister Mani Shankar on Monday said that the BJP government would not be able to find a solution to Kashmir problem until it changes its ‘Hindu rashtra’ mindset.

Aiyar slammed the government for being unable to make any inroads or resolve the Kashmir problem in the past three years, the Business Standard reported.

“I hope they do but I just cannot believe that they will be able to succeed because until fundamentally they change their mindset and not attempt to establish a ‘Hindu rashtra’ by fair means or fowl, they cannot find a solution to Kashmir,” Aiyar said.

“Certainly, nothing that they have done in the last three years gives any indication that they have any idea at all as to how to solve the problem. They certainly know how to aggravate it,” he added.

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