Kashmir does not belong to India but to Kashmiris, says Yasin Malik

Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Yaseen Malik today took a dig at Home Minister Rajnath Singh for his statement in which he had said that Kashmir, Kashmiris and Kashmiriyat belong to India only.

In a statement issued here, JKLF chairman said, “Neither Kashmir nor Kashmiris and Kashmiryat belong to India. How can India, the colonizer of Kashmir represent the colonized nation of Kashmir? “

Replying to the statement of the Home Minister Rajnath Singh, JKLF chairman said that, “we want to ask him, how is Kashmir theirs, how is Kashmiriyat theirs and how do Kashmiris belong to them.”

He said that Kashmir does not belong to India but to Kashmiris who are its masters and heirs.

“If Kashmiris are with India then Indian leadership should feel safe in providing them the right to choose their future because according to Rajnath Singh’s belief then, Kashmiris will vote in favor of India”, Yaseen said.

Reminding India about the promises their first Prime Minister Jahar Lal Nehru had made to the people of Kashmir, Yaseen Malik asked for the fulfillment of those promises.

JKLF chairman said that if Indian Home minister is so sure of Kashmiris being with India, he and his government should not hesitate from giving Kashmiris the right of self determination that has been promised to them by not only the international community but by Indian parliament and its erstwhile leaders.

“United Nations and other forums time and again have pledged Kashmiris their right of self determination but when Kashmiris ask for fulfillment of these pledges and covenants, they are being killed, maimed, blinded, arrested, maligned, humiliated and terrorized by the so-called biggest democracy”, he said.

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