Yasin Malik files police complaint against Delhi-based TV journalist

Chairman JKLF Muhammad Yasin Malik on Friday said that he has filed a complaint against the journalist with the police after he accused a New Delhi-based female TV journalist of barging into his bedroom without permission.

“I was sleeping and all of a sudden, a female TV journalist from New Delhi barged into my bedroom on the pretext of interviewing me. She had lied to my sister that she had fixed an appointment with me. The fact is she never called for an appointment,” Malik told a press conference here.

He alleged that the reporter started video recording with her mobile.

“This gesture of the journalist triggered my anger and I snatched her phone. I ask the journalist community of India and J&K whether this is the way to interview a person,” Malik said.

“She then created a scene by crying and alleging that I manhandled her, which is very unfortunate.”

Malik said he has filed a formal complaint against the reporter for “breaching the privacy of a person.”

Malik said that the Indian media was taking diktats from Army to defame freedom movement in Kashmir.

Malik dared the Indian media to prove whether he has bought any property in the name of the freedom struggle.

“I have a two-room house in Maisuma, which belongs to my mother. I don’t have any property anywhere,” Malik said.

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