Government Decision: Students with 90 per cent attendance can only sit in exams

In a bid to tackle unending student protests, the government has decided not to allow those students to sit in the examinations who are falling short of 90 per cent attendance.

The decision came after the government visibly failed to quell the student protests that have been affecting the educational routine in the major educational institutions in Kashmir.

With sources confirming the development, they said that “main aim of this decision is to tackle the grim situation that has arisen in the education institutions.”

Sources told Kashmir Vision that state’s Education Minister, Altaf Bukhari called a meeting on Thursday, in which it was decided “not to take exams of those students who will be falling short of the 90% attendance mark.”

In government institutions it has never been a norm to make it a point that students with shortage in their attendance would not be allowed to sit in the examinations, but this time the government has made it a point, expecting that it may help in tackling the situation that has emerged from April this year.

As per the sources, the institution heads have been given directions to implement the decision effectively, with no leniency.

With the decision, it seems that the government is not going to give any concession to the students and is strictly going to adhere to the academic calendar of the year.

Meanwhile, as reported in this newspaper two days ago, the students around city centre Lal Chowk have attended only few classes since the protests broke out in last month. The suspension of class work, which is still going on after fresh clashes broke out on Wednesday has not worked out so far.

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