Kashmir Film on ‘Community Radio’ ranked 5th in CRVC 2017

A short film titled ‘Gaash: A Ray of Hope,’ has succeeded in securing fifth position in ‘Community Radio Video Challenge 2017’. The students from Govt. College for Women, M A road and Media Education Research Centre (MERC), Kashmir University have joined hands in the making of the short film.

The challenge was called by Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA) this year, and the theme for the challenge was: “Community Radio for Sustainable Development.”

The film was initially shortlisted in ‘best ten’ category, and finally was successful in securing fifth slot. The award money for the secured category is 10000 rupees; while, for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position the award money is: 50,000, 30,000 and 20,000 rupees respectively.

The award ceremony in the connection was on held on Wednesday in CEMCA’s centre in New Delhi.

With run time of 4 min 58sec, the film shows the how the community radios can help in bringing a positive change in the society. The main characters in the film are: a boatman, who is not letting his son to pursue education, and is forcing him to learn how the boat is rowed. And the other one is an educated person, but has plunged into the drug menace.

The community radio has been showing as coming to the rescue of both the characters by impressing upon them the importance of education, which ultimately compels the boatman to send his son to school, and the drug abuser is also inspired to carry on with his education.

The students from Media Education Research Centre (MERC), Kashmir University have also played a part in making the film by helping the students of Govt. College for Women, M A road with the camera work.

While talking to Kashmir Vision, Peer Furqan who has done the DOP work said that “we were not expected that our film will find any place in the competition, but luckily, it did.”

Team that has made the film is new to the field and they say that they feel encouraged after the success. “I do feel encouraged, after we came to know the film has been ranked fifth in the category. Given the fact that the entire team is new to the field, it will surely give us a boost,” Furqan said.

The film is directed by Meezaish Tajali and DOP work is done by Peer Furqan and Muneem Farooq, with script and screenplay by Zulkifla Shakeel and Irtiza Rafiq. Others who were the part of film are: Waseem Ahmad, Zubair Nazir, Munazir Altaf, Sooban Gulzar, Hayat Manan, Baida, Midhat, Arif Nazir and Sehar Iqbal Ashawari.

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