Hurriyat (G) condemns harassment of students in Punjab

Hurriyat Conference (G) on Thursday strongly condemned the “harassment and threatening” of three Kashmiri students by Punjab police

In a press statement issued on Thursday, a spokesperson of Hurriyat (G) said that India is not a safe place for students and while blaming authorities for targeting students, said they are suspected everywhere and beleaguered simply because of being Kashmiris.


Referring to the statement of union home minister, Rajnath Singh wherein he had directed states to provide sufficient security to Kashmiri students, the spokesperson said, it is just to cover-up their wrong doings and aimed to mislead international community.

The spokesperson doubted that the advisory issued to states and said that it proved mere hoax and Punjab incident vindicates and elucidates that situation remains unmoved.

Criticizing state administration for its apathetic approach and indifference towards Kashmiri students, he said that they were never serious and never took tangible steps to safeguard Kashmiri students, pursuing studies outside state.

Ridiculing the Jan Sangh cadre, the spokesperson said that since they came into power in Delhi, the incidents increased and even now students are facing hostile situations and enormous difficulties at the hands of fanatical elements.

He said that people won’t tolerate if harassment and bullying against students is not stopped. “In case harassment of students is not stopped, authorities will have to face dire consequences.

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