Authorities in education facing a challenge; says PDP

Saying that the authorities in education are facing a challenge and they should seek cooperation of society, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) General Secretary Nizamudin Bhat Wednesday expressed dismay over the rhetoric over youth unrest in the valley.

According to the statement issued here, Nizamudin Bhat said, “The authorities in education face a challenge and they should seek cooperation of society as a whole to make the premises of their institutions as centres of peace, knowledge and cognitive growth.”

He also alleged that the vested interests among mainstream politicians are working with a design to create an atmosphere of insecurity and instability in the state.

Bhat said this class of populist politicians has ever since thrived on uncertainty and many among them have during their rule adopted an authoritarian and repressive approach towards people in general and youth in particular.

He said the present turbulence in some areas and institutions is fall out of and direct outcome of their mis-governance, emotional exploitation and politics of blackmail. “They have overnight transformed into self styled Massiah’s which is hypocritical,” he said.

Bhat said it is ironical that those who have wounded democracy, intimidated and stignised generations here are now hell-bent to create a chaos and spread canard. “It would have been proper that they avoid talking high about rule of law and functioning of democracy without making self appraisal,” Bhat added.

“Who doesn’t know the climate of melancholy and sorrow is an unpleasant political and cultural baggage of this class of contemporary politicians. They have ruled the state for decades and gave nothing but miseries”, Bhat said adding the psychological turbulence in the soul of Kashmiri youth cannot end till this exploitative class changes for better.

PDP General Secretary said it is saddening that while sons and daughters of soil are critical in their expression and academics is facing danger to lose relevance, society as a whole fails to see the impending peril. “We cannot afford such a situation to prolong,” he added.

“We have to understand , digest and analyze the phenomena without indulging in blame games”, Bhat said and called for a common ground through open dialogue between the people of all shades who have a stake in our tradition and spindled history of peace and brotherhood.

Once we do this, this kind of a positive approach will help to change the climate from present distress and deprivation into a future of hope and promise, he added.

Bhat said one is intrigued by the debate between “Us v/s them” as we are one entity with a shared past and should remain so to build a mutually shared future for our own sake.

He made an appeal for calm in the educational institutions which are struggling for freedom from “anxieties” and hoped that a conducive academic temperament will be created through a conscious, collective effort without any further delay.

He further hoped that the younger generation will also use its potential and prowess to create an opportunity for themselves by ensuring a positive shift from expression of anger to excellence of talent and harnessing of available intellect.

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