Protest at SKICC reveals anger against Mehbooba: NC

National Conference on Tuesday said the spontaneous protest and walk-out by employees at a Government function presided over by Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti at SKICC in Srinagar revealed the level and extent of anger against Mehbooba Mufti and her Government.

In a statement issued here, NC spokesperson said the embarrassing incident should make the Chief Minister introspect and realize how unpopular she has become due to her anti-people, repressive and pliant politics.

He also ridiculed the statement of the Chief Minister that the spontaneous protests, walk-out and agitation had erupted because someone in the audience had allegedly fallen unconscious.

“This state of denial clearly proves that our Chief Minister is not only living in a make-belief world but has lost touch with reality to an extent where she has become unfit to dispense her critical and sensitive duties. These employees clearly stated on camera that they were coerced and misled to attend the function and would not tolerate Mehbooba Mufti addressing them. If the Chief Minister had any shame left, she would have acknowledged their anger and resentment against her and admitted about her complete and utter failure to head the Government”, the spokesperson added.

He also lashed out at various Ministers and Government Officers for coercing employees to attend various functions in a desperate attempt to portray an unreal relevance of the present Chief Minister.

“The Rural Development Minister and other Ministers have repeatedly issued illegitimate diktats to employees in entire Districts asking them to attend various functions or face dire consequences. Despite being exposed on numerous such occasions, PDP is continuing with its shamelessness by blackmailing and threatening employees to be part of such elaborate photo-opportunities for a deeply unpopular Chief Minister”, the spokesperson further said.

“Mehbooba Ji and her Ministers should stop assaulting the dignity of our employees by dragging them to photo-op functions in desperate attempts to remain relevant in the eyes of the Central Government. The PDP-BJP Government has lost the confidence of all the people of the State, including government employees. The sooner Mehbooba Ji realizes this and resigns from a post she has no moral right to occupy anymore, the better for the State”, the NC spokesperson added.

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