Zakir dissociates from HM: Here is the video transcript

Barely a few hours after Hizbul Mujahideen (HM) disassociated itself from the statement of its commander against Hurriyat,  Zakir Rashid Bhat in an audio message said that he quits from the militant outfit. 

Here is the transcript:

“There was a lot of confusion created about my last audio message in our Kashmir. I stand on my message and  and it does not affect me and I stand by my words.

I want to tell one thing, that I did not speak  about a particular person or Geelani Sahib, I spoke against the person who is against the freedom in the name of Islam and the one who talks about the freedom in the name of secularism.

If we are fighting for the freedom in the name of secularism then I think we won’t get status of a martyr.

I know we will have to fight first the Indian occupation but our intention should be to get freedom in the name of Islam not for any secular state.

If we are fighting for a secular state, my blood will not flow for this purpose. About the hanging, I did not say that about Hurriyat, but about those moderates who support secular state after freedom from Indian oppression.

 I don’t care if anyone stands with me or not, I stand by what I said. If Geelani’s  and others intention is to enforce Shariya, I have no issues then.

I have heard people saying that if Hurriyat members get killed, the blame will fall upon us, but how can we kill anybody without any suspicion. If we have to kill anybody we will make announcement prior to that, so that no Indian agency can take advantage of that.

If HM does not represent me then I don’t represent them. I will have no association with HM onwards”.

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