Hit by pellets last year Danish struggling for ‘Ray of Light’

Danish Ahmad Jatt, 19 was just outside his home in old town’s Rainawari area, on July 17th last year, when forces patrolling the areas fired pellets on him, piercing both his eyes.

As per Danish, he was not part of any protest and was sitting just outside his home after a tiring day of curfew and restrictions.

 “You know how tiring it  gets when you are forced to stay indoors all day, I had just stepped outside, and was chatting with my friends, when they (forces) came out of nowhere, and fired,” said Danish.

When Danish and his friends ran, he did not know that he has been hit in eyes, “It was when I ran, and after reaching to a spot that I came to know I have been hit in eyes,” he said. 

Danish is living with his father, who is a labourer, and a sister who is doing all the house chores, including taking care of her ‘helpless brother.’

From the day of incident, he along with his family members are continuously struggling for a better treatment for his eyes, but everything seems not to be working at all.

It was when he was undergoing treatment in Srinagar that he came to know his left eye has been completely damaged. “Initially, I came to know that my left eye is of no use now, and right eye may be 70% damaged,” said Danish.

Danish’s left eye is completely damaged, with grave injuries in the right eye. From then on, his family is struggling to get a better treatment for him; however, there are certain constraints that are giving tough time to Danish and his family to carry on with the treatment.

“I was taken to Hyderabad several times, however there is no improvement in my right eye,” said Danish, adding that “there are economic constraints and several other things that are now hampering my treatment.”

His family is once again taking him for the treatment to Hyderabad, hoping that this time they will manage to ‘get a ray of light’ for their son “I am again visiting Hyderabad for my treatment, I hope this time it may get better,” said Danish with a sigh.

When asked that if he has sought any help from anyone he said that “why would I ask for help from anyone, they deprived me of my light, what should I ask for now?” he said.

With meagre income, Danish’s father is somehow managing to arrange for the treatment of his son, but as of now, the situation is getting bad, as it is getting difficult for his father to bear the expenses of his son’s treatment.  

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