Jamait Chief demands dialogue to resolve Kashmir


Prof. Ghulam Mohammad Bhat Al-Madni who was again elected as Jamiat Chief, on Sunday demanded a meaningful dialogue to end the Kashmir imbroglio.

 “We request all the stake holders to start a dialogue on Kashmir issue and address this issue as soon as possible.” He also said that Jamiat feels that, not only the sub-continent but across the world, an anti-Islamic approach by different quarters has been started to malign the image of peace loving religion Islam.

He said that provocative speeches on different issues, like, Azaan, Talaq are coming from various quarters with a purpose.

“They are trying their best to start anti-Islamic propaganda in a preplanned manner,” Bhat added.

“It was announced by the Election Board headed by Mufti Mohammad Yaqoob Baba at Salfia Muslim Institute, Parraypora Srinagar. All the 414 members of three division took part in this electioneering process,” a statement issued here said.

Addressing the party delegates, Prof. Bhat spoke about the agenda of Jamiat. He stressed the need to work for the welfare of the downtrodden and giving impetus to the educational activities.

He also said that Jamiat will use all their resources for the propagation of Quran and Sunnah.

Talking about the deteriorating security situation across the Valley, Bhat said that violation of human rights, mass arrests of men and women, torture of students is only due to the fact that Kashmir issue has been kept lingering for decades now.

Prof. Bhat Al-Madni, also conveyed to the people associated with the Salfi Manhaj to work on Islamic brotherhood and unity with all those organizations who are working for the propagation of the Islam and refrain from propagation of such things which are at first against the teachings of Islam then to the brotherhood.

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