Compensation to electrocuted labourer not enough, Congress tells govt

Congress leaders, on Sunday, visited the Bones and Joints hospital here to inquire about the health of a daily labourer, Zahoor Ahmad, who was critically injured due to electric shock.

Congress leaders, Khem Lata Wakhloo and Imtiyaz Khan went to Bone and Joint hospital and met the injured man and his family. The leaders said the government must pay compensation to the family of the daily labourer.

Zahoor was electrocuted while repairing PDD’s electric line near Budshah bridge, while another labourer Mushtaq Ahmad died due to the shock when PDD ‘forgot’ to switch off the power supply to the line.

The leaders said that Zahoor’s right leg has been amputated. “The financial condition of Zahoor and his family is very weak. The government has paid them only Rs 15,000 as compensation. The government must compensate both the labourers properly as few thousand rupees are not enough,” the leaders suggested.

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