Talking to ‘elected representatives,’ a trick to buy time, says Er. Rasheed

Independent legislator Er. Rasheed on Saturday said that response to talks to resolve Kashmir issue given by the central government in Supreme Court has yet again “exposed New Delhi’s casual attitude and insincerity in resolving Kashmir issue, although Supreme Court has no right and domain to force.”

“Kashmiris is viewed as an internationally recognized political issue, but whatsoever attorney general has said in Supreme Court is nothing but distortion and denial of facts.” He said in a statement.

While talking about Centre’s response that it will only talk to the elected representatives, and not separatists in state, he said “Even if centre’s revelation to talk to elected representatives is analysed on merits, there is every reason to conclude that New Delhi is short of ideas and wants just to consume time. If New Delhi really cares about elected representatives, may Attorney General answer, why is Er. Rasheed being labelled as Pakistani agent for talking about Kashmir dispute time and again. If New Delhi cares so much about elected representatives, why was Afzal Guru’s resolution, seeking clemency was sabotaged. What happened to the autonomy resolution passed with two third majorities in the assembly? What happened to the return of power projects and revocation of AFSPA which has been the long pending demand of MLA’s cutting across party lines?”

Advising centre to ‘stop playing tricks’ he said “New Delhi should not bring more shame to its reputation by playing card of elected representatives. Does New Delhi not know what treatment the state police, army and other security agencies have been giving to elected representatives from time to time?”

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