Engage separatists for a meaningful dialogue: Soz

Senior Congress leader and former union minister, Saifuddin Soz, on Friday, said that the civil society is aghast as to why Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, did not react positively to the situation in Kashmir and attempted to convert the challenge into an ‘opportunity’.

Soz said, “I spent some time in Delhi recently and tried to get an essence as to how the society is reacting to the ongoing crisis in Kashmir. To my surprise, I found that the society was shocked as to why did Prime Minister Modi did not react positively to the crisis.”

He said, “Through talks with different people, I learnt that the civil society is sad and annoyed as to why PM Modi is losing time and not catching the bull by its horns.”

“These concerned citizens feel that in recent times, Hurriyat spoke in one voice and it should be seen by the Centre as a situation of advantage for a decisive dialogue, rather than a disadvantageous proposition.”

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