JK is least priority for Centre: Rana

National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana on Wednesday termed continued political uncertainty in Jammu and Kashmir as main source of public disenchantment and cause of governance deficit, saying the overall situation in the state has almost reached point of no return.

 “The PDP-BJP government has abdicated  its responsibility towards people, which is manifesting in complete lawlessness, administrative inertia and developmental paralysis across the State”, Devender Singh Rana said while interacting with people during his day-long extensive visit of the Nagrota Assembly Constituency.

He expressed concern over muteness of the Centre and said that Jammu and Kashmir appears to be last priority for it. Instead of addressing the issues involved to the satisfaction of the people of all the three regions, the BJP leadership is precipitating matters further by not reaching out to the cross section of society.

“Festering Kashmir is perhaps serving as a long term political investment for divisive elements to generate passions across the country to reap dividends especially at times of elections which are common feature”, he observed and said that in this pursuit the PDP is playing the sinister role of a collaborator.

He said the past two and half years have exposed the PDP, which did not only betray people of the Valley but also contributed in neglect of Jammu. He said the BJP’s track record of maiden governance has been dismal and the only priority for the beneficiaries of Jammu mandate is how to remain glued to power.

“For personal ambitions, the PDP and the BJP have plunged the state into crisis like situation”, he said and referred to the most volatile situation in Kashmir, which he observed has hugely impacted the governance that is at the lowest ebb.

 Rana blamed present dispensation for taking the state back to turbulent times again by failing to sustain the gains of the National Conference led government in terms of peace and normalcy till 2014.

He attributed the failure of the PDP-BJP government to inexperience, greed and myopic political considerations, which the two parties were indulging in ruthlessly.

“The duo must read writing on the wall and desist from testing peoples’ patience anymore”, he said adding that the anti-people and insensitive dispensation cannot escape the ire of the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.

Reiterating his party’s demand for imposition of the Governor’s Rule, Mr Rana said that each day of delay is costing the state dearly

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