This Kashmiri boy’s Punjabi track will surely melt your heart

Braving all challenges, Kashmiri boy Amandeep Singh has released his eighth Punjabi track ‘Ranjha’ on social media. ‘Ranjha’ is a sad romantic track and its duration is of 3 minutes and 47 seconds that was released on YoutTube. The song is produced by Deeplab Production, a Delhi based production house. The music is composed by Gagandeep Singh and the video is shot by Sahil Sood.

Amandeep Singh also known as AD Singh hails from a small hamlet Arina from Budgam district.

AD Singh said that music is not everyone’s cup of tea. “This was not an easy task but with the blessings of almighty and people of Kashmir I did it. I spend more than four months working on this track.”

“Our Government should have given first priority to this place in terms of development, so that the singing talent of our youth will not be wasted. There is a lot of talent in our state, unfortunately, they don’t get the platform to express themselves.”

“With the support of my parents I was able to reach my destination without any trouble.”

When asked about the person who supported him most in the music industry, AD Singh said, “The unconditional support of international artist DR Zeus accelerated my project.”

He has become the first Kashmiri boy, who has released Punjabi tracks. Before ‘Ranjha’, AD Singh has released Punjabi tracks like ‘Kangna Cover’, ‘Aakhi Na’,’ Sanjha ve Sanjha’ , ‘Rishska Wala Marethi Punjabi Fusion’ ,’ Teddi Pagg’ and ‘Yaar Khuda’.

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