Now cows to get unique identification number 

In its reply to the Supreme Court regarding cow protection and smuggling of bovines across Indo-Bangladesh border, the centre today said that each cow and its progeny should get a Unique identification number for tracking.

Center told the Apex court that a Committee headed by Joint Secretary, Home Ministry was formed, which has given many recommendations including the Adhaar like identification for the cows and creation of cow protection homes in all districts of the country.

With an aim to intensify crackdown on bovine smugglers the Centre said that the “responsibility of safety and care of abandoned animals is mainly of the state government”.

Among other recommendation, the committee stressed on launching of a scheme for distressed farmers and a special care for cattle beyond age of milking.

Earlier on Jan 27, the apex body has rejected a plea seeking nationwide ban on cow slaughter.

The Supreme Court had asked the central government and five BJP-ruled states to say why cow protection groups shouldn’t be banned.

The BJP led government is facing a backlash on cow vigilantism across the country. 

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