VOX POP: why I write?

From last couple of years, it has been observed that younger generation in Kashmir is more inclined towards art and literature. Many have used social networking sites like: Facebook and Instagram to self publish their works.  These youngsters, apart from writing about love and romance, are extensively writing about different events that occur around them, and try to portray deep human feelings through the craft of poetry and prose.


Muhammad Nadeeem

Aspiring Writer-Student, Kashmir University

I have been writing from last five years. At times, one feels like chocked and the environment we live in, there is this feeling that is looming around always—feeling chocked— here you always want to speak about one thing or the other that’s happening around, but you cannot.

I write, because I don’t want to die of some unknown death. I don’t want to carry this burden within me, that’s always compelling me to say something. You see, as a human I do feel this pain and agony around. To release, what is killing me inside, I write. Humans are not meant to live forever. I try to give life to the strange feelings and tumult, in and around me. You see, art and literature appeals to one’s soul, and it is Universal.

Thus, by trying to give life to what the outer environment is doing to my inner world with the help of words, with the help of precious and dear words, I am trying to make these sufferings universally felt. I write mostly poetry and at times I try my hands on prose as well. By writing I feel relieved; it is an experience that is beyond expression. Words can do the magic, anywhere, anytime. Facebook and Instagram, both have been very useful in publishing whatever I write.

Khan Ansur

Aspiring Social Worker-Student, Kashmir University

For me, writing is a space, a space by which an individual can give a vent to the feelings. I believe writing is a personal right of every individual by which they showcases their understanding about a particular occurrence. 

I have been writing since 2011, the year when I was appearing for my 12th standard exams. Those days I used to write quotes, couplets and my diary as well. Gradually I started writing poetry, and it was difficult to understand for me and for others as well. But I never stopped writing. With time, there was an improvement.

I write for myself and for people. I write because writing gives me a way to air my feelings about what is happening to me and to my people.

Despite facing criticism from people, I am still on my way.  People are appreciating as well, but you have to listen to the criticism also, one cannot do away with that.

Writing has become my lifeline, wherever I’m or wherever I go, I’m surrounded with many thoughts. I am thankful to my Almighty for giving me this capacity of thinking about different things, and perceiving different emotions and feelings a new way that is different.  Social media has been very helpful in getting the word out; it has really helped a lot.

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