Educational institutions converted into battlefield, says Geelani

Resistance leader and Chairman, Hurriyat (G) Syed Ali Geelani on Tuesday condemned the use of force against students saying that ‘our educational institutions have been converted to the battlefields’.

Gelani while denouncing the use of ‘brute force’ against students, expressed his deep concern about the reports of a seriously injured girl student and said that “eyewitness reveal that she was targeted and a stone was aimed at her from a nearby CRPF banker.”

“It is a murderous attack and deliberate attempt to kill a student,” said Geelani.

Over the closure of educational institutions, Geelani said that “it is a deliberate attempt and part of their game plane. They instigated and provoked students in Pulwama and latter closed all educational institutions.”

Terming it as Doval doctrine, Geelani said that “forces are enjoying free hand to use brute force and choke space for genuine voices.”

Strongly criticizing th state administration, he blamed authorities for “waging war” against students and asked to stop such actions forthwith or face resentment.”

Gelani also expressed grave concern about the “reported worsening health conditions of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat leader Mohammad Rustum Bhat and said doctors attending on him, has advised him for surgery, however, neither he is being provided specific treatment nor released from detention.” 


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