Election re-think

The recent concluded by polls in Srinagar constituency tells a lot of truths hidden either by the propagandist media at national level or by the pro-India political leaders in the valley.

For the last 30 years whenever elections were held in Kashmir, the Indian authorities have always shown the voter turnover as evidence that everything was okay in the valley.

The mass movement against the by polls in the Srinagar constituency gave a glimpse to the Indian authorities that they have gone too far. The violence which was not expected by the ruling BJP-PDP coalition turned an eye opener for the most of the people in the power lanes of the coalition.

The other aspect of the previous elec tions, most of the Kashmiris have maintained that they mostly voted for the basic facilities like roads, electricity.

They always maintained that their participation in the elections should not be considered as a political solution of the conflict.

Only 7 percent of the people voted in this by poll. If the arithmetic logic is considered then the winning candidate would be getting about 4 percent of the votes which clearly is not the people’s representative.

Now that the elections have been deferred to 25 May, 2017, rightly according to opposition leader Omar Abdullah, what miracle are they (EC, Central Govt & State Govt) expecting will happen between now & May 25th to allow smooth election?

After the eight killing on the poll days, the only statement from the Chief Minister came that she was anguished at the death of the eight youth ‘who had yet to understand the intricacies of the issues’ in Kashmir. The other related statement came from her brother, the first time candidate for PDP that he wants the Anantnag by polls be deferred as he feared more loss of life and violence. He seems more concerned of his victory than the safety of the people in elections.

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