JKLF’s election boycott campaign continues in south Kashmir

SRINAGAR: Continuing with its election boycott campaign, several leaders of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Friday addressed public gatherings across south Kashmir and asked people to stay away from the upcoming elections.
In a statement, a JKLF spokesman said that as part of the public awareness program for asking people to keep away from Indian elections JKLF leaders addressed gatherings in Jamia Masjid K P Road Islamabad, Kareemabad Pulwama, Shangus Kuthaar Islamabad, Kral Chek Shupian, Narabal Pulwama, Lonepora Newah Pulwama, Musa sahib Shajipora, Wahipoar Pulwama, Kiegaam Shupian, Dooru Ahrabal, Jamia Masjid Bijbihara, Zulpora Bijbihara, Muhammad Pora Kulgam, Kaader Kulgam, Katrusu Kulgam, Bogam Kulgam and Kulgam town.
“While speaking to the people at various places JKLF speakers said that the main aim and objective of elections organized by India and held under Indian constitution is to prolong the slavery of Kashmiris, to legislate new tyrannical and oppressive laws against people of Jammu and Kashmir, and to subject Kashmiris to torture and repression,” the statement said.
The speakers impressed upon people that the “participation in these election on any name and pretext cannot be termed but as enmity with Kashmir and Kashmiris.”
“Elections held under Indian constitution and under the auspicious of India, though are contested under the slogans of prosperity, roads, water, electricity, good and corruption free governance and for addressing other day to day problems, but have always been used to malign, undermine and weaken the freedom struggle of Kashmiris,” the speakers said.
According to the statement, the speakers maintained that “India and its puppets in Jammu and Kashmir have always tried to befool the international community and attached these elections with the determination of future of people of Jammu and Kashmir.”
“These elections, assemblies, and parliaments have given Kashmiris nothing but despair, distress, disaster, and black Laws like PSA, AFSPA, TADA, POTA,” they said.
The speakers, according to the statement, appealed the people of Jammu Kashmir to show resilience and wisdom and not to get deceived by the slogans of electricity, water, employments, Tehsils and Nayabats.
“We will have to defeat the ill-designs of enemies to divide this nation into sects, casts, creeds, families, localities etc and as a living nation will have to safeguard the sacrifices rendered by us and our beloved martyrs and for that we all will have to keep away from these Indian elections and voting,” the speakers added.

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