MEA to launch outreach programme for state govts

New Delhi: In first such initiative, the External Affairs Ministry will hold two major outreach programmes next week to sensitise state governments and other stakeholders and bring them on same page on major issues.
The Protocol Division of the Ministry will start the programme by holding a three-day conference beginning March 10 for Protocol Officers from various states with an aim to sensitise them to the requirements of foreign visitors.
“What we are doing for the first time is having two very interesting outreach activities,” the spokesperson in the Ministry of External Affairs said.
On March 13th, Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh will participate in another outreach programme with officials of all state governments and their Resident Commissioners here in Delhi.
“There will be officials of state governments as well as Resident Commissioners in Delhi with whom the intention is to interact on a host of issues. That is because when the Ministry of External Affairs as well as our Missions work outside they deal with a variety of issues which have an impact on States,” he said.
The MEA spokesperson said the idea of the two programmes was to reach out to the stakeholders in consultation with the Ministry of Home Affairs and understand from them their perspectives and viewpoints.
He said through the initiative, the MEA will explain to them how the Ministry functions and what are the mechanisms available for them to utilise in promoting their objectives.

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