Hurriyat (M) welcomes US statement on Kashmir

SRINAGAR: Welcoming the recent statement of US State department calling for “urgent need to start a meaningful dialogue to resolve Kashmir issue,” Hurriyat Conference led by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Wednesday said “the conglomerate supports all the dialogue processes aimed at resolving the dispute.”
“Kashmir issue being the basic cause of tension between India and Pakistan, without any progress on this issue other issues between the two countries can’t be resolved and south Asia would continue to be marred with instability, dangers and tension,” a statement issued by the conglomerate spokesman said.
He said that the statement of US state department that “India Pakistan has to show progress on Kashmir is reflective of the reality promoted by the Hurriyat.”
“Kashmir has become a nuclear flashpoint between the two nations and the tension over the issues was not in the interest of millions of people living in the sub continent,” the statement said and termed New Delhi’s stand vis-à-vis meaningful dialogue as “stubborn and contrary to the ground realities.”
The statement also said that it was the responsibility of the US and the world community, knowing the sensitivity of the issue, to stress upon India to start a meaningful dialogue to solve the Kashmir issue and extricate subcontinent from instability and perils.
However, the pro-freedom amalgam maintained that “it has always been the stand of Hurriyat that before embarking upon any result-oriented dialogue to solve Kashmir issue, it is important to create conducive conditions on the ground by stopping widespread human rights violations and rescinding the black laws from Kashmir.”

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