Saudi hopes Kashmir will be resolved according to UN resolutions

Islamabad: Saudi Arabia has welcomed positive developments in India-Pakistan relations, saying it would have a beneficial impact on the two neighbouring countries and stability in South Asia.
Saudi Arabia also expressed hope that there would be a “peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the relevant UN resolutions so that it contributes to the achievement of a permanent peace and stability in the region”, said a joint statement by Saudi Arabia and Pakistan on Monday.
The statement was issued at the end of a visit by Saudi Crown Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz, who focussed on expanding defence ties during his interactions with top Pakistani leaders.
“The Saudi side welcomed the positive developments in Indo-Pakistan relations, which would reflect positively in the interest of the two neighbouring countries and stability in the South Asian region,” the statement said.
On the situation in Afghanistan, the two sides expressed their support for reconciliation that includes all sides and components of Afghan society to restore peace and stability.
They underlined their support for the Afghan political process through the holding of presidential elections in April.
Saudi Arabia and Pakistan also reiterated the need for a quick solution of the conflict in Syria according to the Geneva-I Resolution to restore peace and security and prevent bloodshed.
They demanded immediate withdrawal of all foreign armed forces and elements from Syrian territory. They also sought the lifting of the siege of Syrian towns and villages and stopping bombardment.
On the Palestinian issue, the two sides “reaffirmed their consistent stand to support the Palestinian right to arrive at a just solution which leads to establishment of Palestinian State with Al-Quds as its capital”.
The two sides reiterated the need to stop Israeli settlements and putting impediments to peace efforts.—PTI

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