Bill introduced to grant land use right to Guj Petronet

Jammu: Government Monday introduced a Bill in the Assembly to provide the right of use to Gujarat Petronet for land which has been acquired for the laying of gas pipelines and other underground public utilities in the state.
The Minister of State for Revenue, Ajaz Ahmad Khan introduced the ‘L A Bill No.1 of 2014’ in the Assembly to provide for the acquisition of the right of user in land for laying of gas pipelines, etc. in Jammu and Kashmir and for the matter connected therewith.
As per the financial memorandum of the Bill, for the purpose of laying of gas pipelines, the right of the user for land in the state is to be acquired and transferred in favour of Gujarat State Petronet Ltd (GSPL) as per the provisions of the draft Bill.
Besides, right of user for any land is to be acquired and transferred in favour of any corporation upon passing of resolutions by both Houses of the state Legislature to the effect that such authorisation was necessary in the public interest.
Accordingly, there is a likelihood of incurring the expenditure out of the consolidated fund of the state.
However, at this stage, it is difficult to indicate the precise financial commitments from the state in the absence of the details of the tracks involved.

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