Kashmir movement nearing resolution: Prof Bhat

SRINAGAR: Senior Hurriyat Conference (M) leader and chairman of his faction of the Muslim Conference, Professor Abdul Gani Bhat on Wednesday said the Kashmiri movement was at “crucial stage” and “nearer to resolution” and “this stage Kashmiris must stand up and reap the benefits.”
“The movement for which we have rendered uncounted sacrifices since decades is at crucial stage. India, Pakistan, China and America have become parties of this dispute because of their own interests. So keeping their interests particularly economic in view, they are heading towards its resolution. At this stage we must stand up, claim the ownership and demand the resolution according to our own aspirations.” Bhat, according to a statement said while addressing a workers meet in Sanoora Kalipora area of north Kashmir.
He said the Muslim Conference wants the people of Kashmir who rendered sacrifices for resolution of Kashmir “to stand up and reap the benefit from this opportunity, and if at this stage they fail to stand up, their movement will get lost into the darkness of history.”
Bhat added that nation must claim the authority and make it clear before the parties of the conflict that they will accept only that solution only that solution which is according their aspirations and wishes.
Regarding the ongoing Indo-Pak dialogue process on bilateral trade and other issues, Bhat said that both the countries can’t achieve anything from these talks “as the core issue between these countries, which causes confrontation among these, is Kashmir issue and without resolving it they can’t achieve peace and prosperity.”
He said that both the countries must prioritize Kashmir in ongoing talks and resolve it amicably.


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