J&K IMPARD Research Internship Prog: Bridge the gap between academia & public service

Srinagar: The J&K Institute of Management, Public Administration and Rural Development (J&K IMPARD) on Tuesday launched the J&K IMPARD Research Internship Programme, offering post-graduate students a unique opportunity to gain practical experience in crucial areas of public governance.
Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice, J&K IMPARD, a premier training institute in Jammu and Kashmir, recognized the need for bridging the gap between academic knowledge and real-world challenges faced by government agencies. This internship program aims to create a win-win situation, where post-graduate students contribute fresh perspectives to ongoing research projects while gaining valuable insights into the functioning of government bodies.
Mutually beneficial collaboration, Interns will work closely with J&K IMPARD faculty on research projects relevant to key areas like rural development, urban planning, disaster management, social governance, and environmental sustainability.
This hands-on experience will equip students with practical skills and enhance their understanding of public policy formulation and implementation.
Open to all domains, the program welcomes students from diverse academic backgrounds, including social sciences, law, management, agriculture, economics, and environmental studies. This interdisciplinary approach fosters cross-pollination of ideas and enriches the research process.
Flexibility and Support, J&K IMPARD understands the demanding schedules of post-graduate students. The internship program offers flexible terms ranging from 2 to 8 weeks, accommodating individual needs and academic commitments.
While the internship is unpaid, J&K IMPARD provides interns with a dedicated workspace, internet access, and necessary support for a productive and enriching experience.
In terms of eligibility and application, the program is open to final-year post-graduate students with a strong academic record and a keen interest in public affairs.
Meanwhile, interested candidates can contact Dr. Bilal A. Bhat (9419448083) or Dr. Ruchi Gupta (9419785975) for further information and application details. The details may also be obtained from their website: https://www.jkimpa.nic.in/.
Join the Movement for Positive Change: The J&K IMPARD Research Internship Programme is a unique opportunity for young minds to contribute to positive change in Jammu and Kashmir. By participating in this program, students can gain valuable skills, network with renowned experts, and play a meaningful role in shaping the future of public governance.


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