Annual cultural extravaganza ‘Rang-e-Chinar’ begins at NIT Srinagar

Srinagar: The two-day annual cultural extravaganza, Rang-e-Chinar began at National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar with a resounding success on its first day.
The event witnessed a remarkable footfall of over 10,000 enthusiastic attendees who gathered to celebrate the institute’s vibrant cultural spirit.
The grand inauguration ceremony was graced by the esteemed presence of Director NIT Srinagar, Prof. Sudhakar Yedla, who was Chief Guest on the occasion.
In his key address, Prof. Yedla emphasized the importance of balancing academics with co-curricular activities, drawing from his own experiences as a student at IIT Kharagpur.
“I am delighted to see the event’s success and pledged to make such cultural gatherings a more frequent occurrence at NIT Srinagar, aiming for a light-hearted and stress-free environment for the students,” he said.
Prof. Yedla was accompanied by Dean Academic Affairs, Dr. Mohammad Shafi Mir, Dean Alumni and International Affairs, Prof. Nazir Ahmad Sheikh, Dean Students Welfare, Prof. Abdul Liman and HOD Metallurgical & Materials Engineering Prof.Atikur Rahman.
Dr. Dinesh Kumar Rajendran is the main coordinator of the event, while Dr. Janani L and Dr. Parameshwar are the co-coordinators of the annual Rang-e-Chinar program.
The event commenced with the warm welcome extended to all dignitaries and attendees by Chairperson of Rang-e-Chinar Prabh Karan Singh Jolly.
The fest’s sponsors received heartfelt appreciation from Kriti Srivastav, Vice-Chairperson of Rang-e-Chinar.
Dean Students Welfare and Chairperson of Students’ Gymkhana, Prof. Dr. Abdul Liman said Rang-e-Chinar is not just an event; it’s an embodiment of our students’ passion, creativity, and zeal.
S.A. Shah, Vice-Chairperson of Students’ Gymkhana said Rang-e-Chinar symbolizes the various facets of life’s journey, each with its unique flavor, just like the leaves of the chinar tree.
Day one of Rang-E-Chinar was filled with a plethora of cultural performances and interactive engagements.
The event featured multiple stalls, various dance and music competitions, including Western dance, monoacting, raps, duet songs, and mushaira, captivating the audience.
Attendees also had the opportunity to participate in engaging workshops on paper mache, North Indian cuisine, and willow wicker.
Apart from that Creativity contests such as face painting, stone painting, wall painting, and clay art added to the fest’s artistic charm. Furthermore, a dedicated game zone and a photography, reel-making section garnered significant attention in the mega event.
The evening at Rang-E-Chinar was enlivened by the Mr. and Ms. Rang-e-Chinar competition, followed by the electrifying Battle of Bands. The day concluded with a thrilling PRO show, leaving everyone in high spirits.
Rang-e-Chinar,” is a mesmerizing showcase of boundless talent and creativity that captures the vibrant essence of our institution.
“The annual festival is an unparalleled tribute to the world of performing arts. The art exhibitions and installations on display exemplify the profound artistic prowess of our students.
Moreover, the event promotes inclusivity by offering engaging workshops, stimulating discussions, and culinary experiences that mirror the rich diversity of our nation
Rang-e-Chinar’s message was clear – “Where every color tells a story,” emphasizing the importance of celebrating the diverse and vibrant aspects of life through culture and creativity. The festival promises more exciting events and experiences in the days to come.
Massive gathering of participants from educational institutions across Kashmir participated in the event.

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